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May 12, 2010

The Evolution of Technology

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As I read Anne Friedberg’s article “The End of Cinema: Multimedia and Technological Change” I agreed with her views on technology constantly advancing in America. Since the 1950’s technology has advanced at a rapid paste. Every 10 years there’s a new form of technology that takes over or substitutes the last form of technology in America. In the 1950’s most American households did not have television sets. Fewer than 300,000 American households owned television sets. Over a ten year period the households drastically changed. In the 1960’s the television became a lot more popular and in the late 1960’s over 50% of American households owned a television set. The television replaced the radio. Before the television set became so popular the radio was the primary form of media. Before the invention of the television Americans listened to the radio and people would get their daily news and even listen to there shows on the family radio set. At that time the family would sit around the radio at night to listen to their favorite radio program. That form of technology was utilized the same way we utilize television today in the 21st century.
As time passed the television became less popular because the VCR came along and many people were amazed about the new form of technology. People wanted to watch movies on tape because they could fast forward and reverse back the movie when they wanted to. The VCR was commercial free unlike the television movies and shows. People could watch films with no interruptions. That was the most appealing factor.
On the contrary, as time passed the DVD was created and people did not want to use the big VCR tapes because they were able to get better quality films on a thin CD. The DVD player replaced the VCR in a drastic way. Most people did not want to rewind tapes manually anymore because on the DVD player it was automatic and it was much faster to rewind opposed to the VCR. Today in the year 2010 the DVD player is slowly fading out. The invention of the BLUE-RAY films has arrived and it’s slowly becoming popular. The BLUE-RAY films are popular because of the film quality. The BLUE-RAY films are usually in 3D which gives it an edge over the DVD films. However, the BLUE-RAY is not as popular in America because in order to feel the effects of the BLUE-RAY player you have to have an HDTV which is costly for most Americans in the year 2010.

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