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March 18, 2010


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Third cinema is a Latin American film movement that started in the 1960s-70s which depreciates neocolonialism, the capitalist system, and the Hollywood model of cinema as just entertainment to make money. Third cinema is totally against the Hollywood model because the main focus in Hollywood is making money opposed to taking different risks within the various genres and the ways films are put together. Third Cinema refers to popular memory and it’s connected to world folklore and its purpose is to pass memories down from generation to generation.
Third Cinema filmmakers are always struggling to stop Hollywood from taking over their local film industries. Despite ethnic and political diversity, Third Cinema films from different regions and have many common characteristics identifying them as part of a international movement unlike in Hollywood. Third cinema is a revolutionary form of cinema and it’s described as guerilla warfare and it’s a underground form of cinema. The most important thing for third cinema filmmakers is to have their own identity and to be who they are. On the contrary, in Hollywood cinema there’s limitations for directors while making a film opposed to Third Cinema because their main focus is making a box office hit that increases revenue. In my opinion, Hollywood cinema sugar coats their films. However, in Third Cinema you receive the real underground lifestyle that’s not usually depicted in any films that are box office hits.

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